This year in the MeLX2019 we have introduced some new features in the purchase process, we have chosen a method as simple as possible in terms of the possibilities offered by the web platform we use.

The different "Party Packs" have several options depending on the activities you want to participate. The price of all of them is € 45. Remember that the activities included in the "Party Packs" have limited places.

If you prefer to take the parties individually these have a cost of € 25.

We have reached collaboration agreements with several swing associations. If you belong to anyone, speak with yours to know if you have discount.

Registration process

Once you reach the registration page you should follow the following steps:

  • If you want to benefit of PARTY PACKs, choose this option first, otherwise select one of the individual activities.

  • Once the first selection is made, it will be redirected to another page where it is mandatory to click the options that are shown to continue with the process.

  • Once all the options have been selected, the "continue" button will be enabled, where you will have to click and open the "REGISTRATION" window where you must register (through the form to create an account by email or through Facebook)

The registration must be done individually, by account and participant (a person can not buy more than one PACK or Individual Activity) so that we can correctly identify the participants, their role and be able to contact them individually.

  • You must fill out the fields marked with an asterisk, create a password, accept the "conditions" and "privacy policy" and click on "access".

  • Once registered and already connected to our username, you can go to another page where you can "End the order" or you can access the "Continue shopping" option to select the rest of the activities of the Menorca Lindy Exchange (welcome party , tapas, tour, shirts, etc)

CAUTION: you can only choose one PACK per registration, otherwise the other option chosen will be deleted.

  • To add the rest of the activities you just have to click on "Buy" in the option you want and on the page to which you are redirected click on "Continue" and follow this process until you have included all the extra activities that you want in your basket.

  • If you already have everything you want, you can "End the order" and the "Summary of your order" page opens, where you must enter the name of the person who will participate in the activity and indicate any comments if necessary.

  • Finally you have to "Confirm" that takes us to the secure payment platform where you have to enter the payment information by credit card.

  • Once the payment is completed, you will receive an email with the digital entries (PDF) of each of your choices.


If you have any difficulty do not hesitate to contact us.



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