In the third edition of Menorca Lindy Exchange we will have a deluxe artist, Meschiya Lake, winner of the "Best Female Vocalist" award and "Best Traditional Jazz Artist" in the "Best of Beat" contest of OffBeat Magazine.

Originally from South Dakota and settled in New Orleans since 2007, she is one of the most recognized vocalists of the city cradle of Jazz, with her incomparable vocal style, those nuances of traditional jazz from the south of the USA, and a swing that forces you to dance.


For this event she will share the stage with Shakin'All at the Friday party and with the Madrid Hot Jazz Band at Saturday party. Are you going to miss ?

Madrid Hot Jazz Band

Madrid Hot Jazz Band returns to Menorca, this time for the Menorca Lindy Exchange 2019, a band that takes us to the early years of New Orleans and Chicago Jazz, with the accentuated rhythm of swing and cheerful melodies where improvisation cannot be absent.


Good music and a lot of dancing, with a band that floods us with good vibes. In addition, next Tuesday, November 20 we will announce another artist, very special, who will play with them in this third edition of the SwingXalada.

Shakin' all

Ready to dance without rest? Ready to enjoy the wildest swing?

Shakin 'All will transport you to the universe of vintage music, a territory on the border between Jazz, Blues, Rock n' Roll and the Gospel.

Themes of the 20s, 30s, 40s, versions of Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Louis Prima ... played by six excellent musicians, authentic specialists in classical jazz.

Dixie Cat Street Band

Dixiecat Street Band takes the spirit of the streets of New Orleans from the pre-1930s era to the present.

As this band were in that time, Dixiecat Street Band consists of three solo instruments: trumpet, trombone, clarinet; and a rhythmic base composed of banjo, tuba and washboard.

Anyway, a band that can delight classic jazz fans and all kinds of audiences.


Big Band des Mercadal

Led by Josep Lluís Pons (Trumpet of the Swing Crusaders) and with more than twenty members, most of them students of the Escola de Música des Mercadal, this Big Band will transport us to the golden era of the swing, with a classic repertoire which will be in the 30s and 40s with themes by Benny Goodman, Jerry Gray, Joe Garland, Bart Howards, Alan Jay Lerner, Cole Porter, Benny Moten, Ray Hnderson, etc.

The Swing Crusaders

The Swing Crusaders was born in 2015 as a response for the growth of Lindy hop in Menorca. Since then, the formation gains strength and regularly participates in Lindy Hop meetings held throughout the island.


They have performed for different entities and in different locations in Menorca such as Jazzbah (Ciutadella), La Cava del Ars, Es Claustre, AgroMaó, Brunch & Co (Maó) or the Menorca International Jazz Festival and in all editions of Menorca Lindy Hop Exchange.


The repertoire is composed of classic jazz standards from the 30s and 40s with some original arrangements. The themes have a festive and danceable character, as they were conceived in the beginnings of jazz. All to share with dancers and public the joy of music.


Inspired by the legacy of Django Reinhardt, TOPSY proposes a selection of themes from different styles, going through classic and well-known jazz standards, traditional themes from the manouche repertoire, legendary ones from the bossa-nova, and some arrangement of more modern themes. On stage, this group combines a warm and delicate sound with energy and dynamic contrasts, fun and danceable.

Marciano Pizarro, the director and presenter of the popular Melodías Pizarras program on Radio 3, and custodian of the music recorded in a format forgotten by the public, the 78 rpm slate disc.

An opportunity to listen to an archaeologist of the genres that conquered the world during the first half of the 20th century.


A luxury to enjoy its musical proposal and an honor to have it in the Menorca Lindy Exchange

Marciano Pizarro

Marti Segalas

Passionate about Jazz before he started dancing, and thats a long time ago, since he is one of the oldest hoppers in Barcelona, he transmits his philosophy of swing through his sessions.


For Martí, dance is an indivisible part of Jazz music, not a mere interpretation but rather a conversation between music and the dancer.


His passion has led him to delve into the history and the characters of Jazz that overflows knowledge and communicates almost with the same impetus with the one who dances.

And you will always see Martí dance in his DJ sessions, with his particular style that leaves no one indifferent.

Giulio Parise

Giulio Parise discovered lindy hop in 2011 and since then it has become his passion and current profession.
Since he started, and because of the challenge of being a better dancer every day, he has not stopped going to  clandestine balls, parties, to attend classes of the best teachers in Barcelona and especially of the best international professors in different festivals of Lindy hop from all over Europe.

He also feels great passion for the Charleston and JazzSteps, an individual dance with which he enjoys improvising and from where he creates his own choreographies.
Giulio has his own style that mixes elegance and energy, which does not leave you indifferent when you see him dancing.

Sara Pista

Photographer and retoucher based in Madrid, she manages through her camera to turn normal into extraordinary, like Lindy Hopper, she has a special sensibility to capture the most special moments of the Swing world.

She fell in love with photography at the university and once she finished her studies she turned it into her profession, which has led her to immortalize many festivals and Swing events around European geography

Last year she was with us giving us a nice album of memories. This year she had to come back.


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