Naomi​ ​&​ ​Her​ ​Handsome​ ​Devils​

We have the great pleasure and enthusiasm to announce the first Menorca Lindy Exchange 2020 band, Naomi & Her Handsome Devils, which will perform for the first time in Spain.

Lindy Hop international champion Naomi Uyama formed a band with some of her favorite jazz musicians, to offer the best possible swing. Since joining in 2013, Naomi & Her Handsome Devils have played at the best and biggest lindy hop events from South Korea to Sweden and many more. His recordings are heard in countless lindy hop classes and dances around the world. A group of swing in octet with all the sensitivity of a big band.

Stockholm Swing All Stars

The more, the merrier! Delighted and excited to announce the second band that will perform at the Menorca Lindy Exchange 2020, also for the first time in Spain: The Stockholm Swing All Stars.

Formed in 2002 the idea was to form a band featuring the top jazz and swing players in Stockholm. The four horn players in the front line play an important role in the band. With cleverly written arrangements, mostly by Klas Lindquist and Fredrik Lindborg, the band can play softly like a small group and seconds later explode in a big band fortissimo. The rhythm section gives the band a bouncing ground for the solos and ensembles.

The members of the Stockholm Swing All Stars are considered among the best in their field in Sweden. The band plays swing and jazz music suitable both for concerts and for dancing. They often play at lindy hop and other dance events as well as in concert halls.

Potato Head Jazz Band

We could not miss a dixieland-style formation that will fill the swing streets during the Menorca Lindy Exchange. This year the band responsible for making us dance outdoors are the Potato Head Jazz Band.

Potato Head Jazz Band is a band of Hot Jazz, Swing and Dixieland, composed of 6 members from different origins: Granada, Galicia, Cádiz and Argentina. Today, it is considered the best band of this style in the country, and without a doubt the one with the greatest international recognition and projection.

The group was formed in 2003 in Granada, Spain, with the specific idea of recreating the traditional jazz of the first decades of the 20th century. With this goal in common, the experienced components begin to shape the particular style that today characterizes Potato Head Jazz Band. A style that aims to fully respect the aesthetics and sound of the origins of jazz in New Orleans.

They have performed at some of the best European Jazz and Swing Festivals, being chosen "The most entertaining Band" after their performance at the Birmingham International Jazz Festival, UK. This  band is the only one of this style that has performed twice for Los Conciertos de Radio 3 on Televisión Española.

In the summer of 2019 they performed in France with one of the best bands in the world, TUBA SKINNY, from New Orleans, USA, in an unforgettable "Jam Session" in which they played together some of their favorite songs.

The sound of the band is clearly influenced by the origins of its components, which provide the unique "flavor" and energy on the stage that characterize them. Potato Head Jazz Band always offers a careful staging. Their wise combination of music, acting, instruments, voices and good humor form a communicative show that invites the public to interact in an energetic and fun way.

Banjo, double bass, clarinet, drums, trombone and trumpet come together to offer a unique show featuring the meticulous work dedicated to each of its aspects: the musical, the staging, the costumes and the instruments.

The Swing Crusaders feat. Rut Florit

A constant of Menorca Lindy Exchange is the local band The Swing Crusaders, in next Edition featuring Rut Florit.

The Swing Crusaders was born in 2015 in response to the growth of lindy hop in Menorca.

Since then the training takes strength and regularly participates in Lindy Hop events held throughout the island. They have performed for different entities and in different venues in Menorca such as Jazzbah (Ciutadella), La Cava del Ars, Es Claustre, AgroMaó, Brunch & Co (Maó) or the Menorca International Jazz Festival and in all the Menorca Lindy Exchange Editions.

The repertoire is composed by classic jazz standards of the 30s and 40s with some original arrangements. The themes have a festive and danceable character, as they were conceived in the beginnings of jazz.

Rut Florit Juaneda, a native of Menorca. Studied singing, piano and harmony at the Menorca conservatory. He has been a solo singer and keyboardist of different musical formations. He has collaborated and recorded in varied projects such as showgirl and making arrangements. It has a disc with original songs with the MTP group. He has performed in different places in Spain and France.
He is currently part of the 4Sols choral project and is working on his first solo work.

We have everything to share with the dancers and the general public the joy of swing music.


Another essential band in the Menorca Lindy Exchange, this year with vocalist Eva Huergo.

Topsy was born in 2010 from the idea of Jesús Guasch and Antonio Lo Re, whose passion for swing and jazz Manouche brings together local musicians to enjoy music and dance to jazz and Lindy Hop lovers.

Jose Peñarroja (double bass) and Josep Mascaró (violin) close the usual TOPSY formation that  usually perform in all type of Menorcan stages.

On this occasion, Topsy will have the drums of Guiem Pons and the voice of Eva Huergo.

DJ Marcos


Also known as Marcos Fu, discovered the swing dances in the year 2008 and since then fell in love with them.


He has always been a fan of jazz swing but much more when he learned about this way of expressing himself through music.


He loves to dance Charleston, Lindy Hop and Balboa, so you will see him in any type of event for the purpose of enjoying and having fun.

He has been a Lindy Hop teacher since 2011. He started teaching at Swing Maniacs School in Barcelona in 2012 and a short time later he also joined the group of teachers of the Swingcopats School in Sabadell. Almost a decade later he continues teaching in these two important schools in his quest to train new lindy hoppers.

As passionate about the swing, since he discovered Lindy Hop, he began a DJ in all kinds of events, clandestine and jams in different schools and associations in Barcelona. He has also been a DJ in international festivals such as Barcelona Lindy Exchange and the Barcelona Balboa Weekend.

At the moment he is resident DJ at Dio Club room (Seven Dance) in Barcelona and you will find him playing as DJ on jams and events of the schools where he is a professor. For him dancing is a way of communicating, expressing and keeping the body as active as possible with a great deal of fun. And that is reflected when it's time to entertain with his musical selections to infinite lindy hoppers that they do not stop dancing. He loves being a DJ!

Giulio Parise

Giulio Parise discovered lindy hop in 2011 and since then it has become his passion and current profession.
Since he started, and because of the challenge of being a better dancer every day, he has not stopped going to  clandestine balls, parties, to attend classes of the best teachers in Barcelona and especially of the best international professors in different festivals of Lindy hop from all over Europe.

He also feels great passion for the Charleston and JazzSteps, an individual dance with which he enjoys improvising and from where he creates his own choreographies.
Giulio has his own style that mixes elegance and energy, which does not leave you indifferent when you see him dancing.

Sara Pista

Photographer and retoucher based in Madrid, she manages through her camera to turn normal into extraordinary, like Lindy Hopper, she has a special sensibility to capture the most special moments of the Swing world.

She fell in love with photography at the university and once she finished her studies she turned it into her profession, which has led her to immortalize many festivals and Swing events around European geography.

Last year she was here giving us a nice album of memories. This year she will come back.


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